The Asphalt Experts

The No-Smell Asphalt Specialist & BUR Expert

We have been manufacturing roofing asphalts since 1960 and we understand the costs of roofing. Our product knowledge and manufacturing expertise allows us to deliver value through quality asphalt that lasts. With United Asphalts, customers don’t have to endure the constant repairs and associated costs.  The longevity of our asphalt products makes roofing affordable.

United Asphalts’ No Smell asphalt is the highest grade of odorless roofing asphalt available on the market. It does not simply hide asphalt odors; it prevents the release of those odors typically associated with molecular asphaltenes.  All four types of our BUR asphalt are made from high grade U.S. crude oil and meet or exceed ASTM D-312-15 specifications.


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