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We have been manufacturing roofing asphalts since 1960. Our product knowledge and manufacturing expertise allows us to deliver value through quality asphalt that lasts. As a company that believes in delivering the best quality product, we also believe in educating our customers on the benefits of asphalt roofing. Below is a list of helpful resources on asphalt roofing.


“Asphalt roofing systems provide time-tested performance at a very economical price, making them ideal for both large and small buildings with low-slope roofs. The roofing industry continues to respond to the new challenges presented today; as a result, asphalt BUR is better today than ever before. A four-ply BUR provides about 280 mils of waterproofing thickness, whereas other systems typically provide 60 mils of thickness (and sometimes less). The increased mass enables BUR to stand up to the forces of nature.”

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