Manufacturing the highest quality
roofing asphalt for over 50 years.


For building owners wanting to recover or upgrade their roofing systems or for new buildings that require versatility, maintainability, low VOC content and immediate bonding. Built-up roofing (BUR) is durable, strong and puncture resistant. We are the experts in manufacturing BUR asphalt.


The best quality products should be finished with the best quality packaging; that is why we have created our own unique packaging that improves the appearance of inventory on the job site, and provides product longevity and weather protection.

United Asphalts’ No Smell asphalt is the highest grade of odorless roofing asphalt available on the market and guarantees a hassle free, environmentally safe and economical roofing product. You benefit from odor free production and positive community relations.

United Asphalts Turn-Key Process

We manufacture the #1 quality roofing asphalt product on the market. We are the only roofing asphalt manufacturer with a Product Quality Guarantee because we manage the entire process from customer service and manufacturing to delivery of your product.

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